Beth D.

Fawn from An Acupuncture Approach has saved me from excruciating pain on several occasions. Fawn has helped me relax when I didn’t think it was possible ranging from sciatica, broken foot, and stiff neck. Acupuncture always works for me.

Kelly B.

When I started my treatments, I could barely stand up straight when I woke up. I have arthritis in my spine. Fawn has done amazing things for me. I have so much flexibility and range of motion. It has been a Godsend. I highly recommend her!


Visiting Fawn has been a life changing experience for me.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Having this problem for over a year before seeing Fawn was paying a toll on my mind and body.  I had seen doctors, specialist, had an MRI and CAT scans, endoscopes and numerous other tests just to tell me they didn’t find anything wrong.  I was ready to give up completely. I couldn’t go out in public, hated to go to work, and had to strip my house of any products that caused me pain. I would go to work and stay at home to recover. that lasted about a year.

 A co-worker knew of someone like me and give me the information where she had been helped.  An Acupuncture Approach helped the woman who suffered from the very same symptoms in a matter of months. I didn’t want any acupuncturist, I wanted the one my co-worker told me about. I called and made an appointment right away. I didn’t have a clue what to expect, nor did I think that the first visit would do any good.  I was wrong!  I felt relief immediately. 

I started getting treatments once a week. Within a few months, I could go out with family and enjoy a short duration’s in a public environment. 

I have been seeing Fawn for over a year now.  It is a 45-minute drive for me and is worth it.   I’m not cured by any means, but I can enjoy life and work now thanks to her. I give Fawn and her staff (Gwen and Steve) 5 stars. Excellent people giving exceptional care. Thank you, Fawn! 


I had sciatica pain, after one treatment I no longer had pain.  After having right knee replacement surgery, acupuncture helped relieve the pain and numbness.  I also had vein ablations done and the treatments helped reduce pain and bruising.   Fawn also helped with releasing my trigger finger.



An Acupuncture Approach has been a wonderful experience after having a car accident and nothing really helping my pain.  I turned to acupuncture which was very helpful.  Even before taking my nursing boards I came in for a treatment to help me relax and stay focused.  Fawn is amazing at the work she does!



I’ve known about acupuncture for several years, however, there was not a practitioner locally.  One day near my bank, there was a sign for acupuncture.  By the time I scheduled my first appointment I was having chronic back pain, especially under my right scapula.  After my 3rd session the pain was completely gone.  It has been 5 years since the first appointment.  I continue monthly  sessions with Fawn.  I contribute my health and well-being to Fawn’s natural ability to understand what needs to be done in each session.


Steve J.

I’ve been getting acupuncture for over 8 years.  I started with Scott H. who was a student with Fawn.  Scott was doing a good job.  Fawn has helped with hip pain, range of motion, shoulder pain with finger numbness.  She has also helped me with stress & sleep.  I have been blessed to be treated by such a talented and caring acupuncturist.  I highly recommend Fawn.



I have been going to An Acupuncture Approach for over a year.  I have been having non-epileptic seizures for 17 years.  Since receiving treatments from Fawn,  I have less seizures.  In fact, I went over four months without seizures.  Fawn is very caring, yet she is very professional with her treatments.  I highly recommend her services.



I suffered a stroke and had a problem with my right leg and hip.  The treatments have helped this problem and made mobility a lot better.



I have been seeing Fawn since 2012.  I am 81 years young and acupuncture has made my life much better.  Fawn is a very caring person.  I give her a 5 star rating.